Bikram Yoga: Get Ready For The “hot” Seat!

As the name indicates, Bikram Yoga has been founded by Bikram Choudhury, in association with a Los Angeles based company. Bikram Yoga is also called “hot yoga” as it is carried out in extremely hot conditions. If you are interested to practice a session of Bikram yoga, then you can enroll in the 500 or more studios anywhere across the globe. But since it is certified under the U.S. copyright Act, you have no right to teach Bikram yoga unless you get a certificate to do so from the authorities of Bikram yoga.

The room has to be preconditioned before you can do Bikram yoga. The temperature of the room has to be maintained at 105 degree Fahrenheit and a humidity of 40%. You have to sweat it out to perform the 26 asanas, including 2 breathing exercises. About 90 minutes are required for the entire routine in which you are required to perform every asana (pose) twice. Even beginners can enroll and do Bikram yoga. You don’t have to worry about going wrong. You will be ably guided through the entire routine with specific dialogue.

How Does Bikram Yoga Work?

The 26 yoga postures have to be performed in a very hot room which will obviously cause a lot of sweating. This sweating is said to get rid of the toxins in the body. Bikram yoga also makes you feel warm, which will increase the flexibility of your body. It gives you a feeling of calmness and rejuvenates your entire body. It stimulates the body and imparts perfect health to every cell, tissue and muscle of your body.

There are basically two types of processes involved in Bikram yoga: extension and compression. By going through these two processes, fresh oxygen is delivered to every cell and tissue in the body. The first part of the asana causes compression. When you are doing an asana, you are restricting the flow of blood to a particular section of your body. The heart in turn senses this shortage and hence pumps more blood to the compressed area. This is called extension. The freshly pumped blood now fills the arteries. This process is repeated for all the different parts of the body. This enables the toxins of the body to be flushed out of the system too.

Benefits Of Bikram Yoga

Bikram yoga coordinates the action of all the systems in our body. The circulatory system, respiratory system and the nervous system receive special attention. The heart, lungs and brain are stimulated to give their best performance. Normal people use only 40% of their lung capacity. With Bikram yoga, the lungs are gradually stretched to their full utilization. This means that lots of oxygen enters our body and fats are burned to create energy.

You will be guided through your entire routine of asanas. There will be voice instructions from Bikram Choudhury, which will encourage you to do the asanas in the correct way. He will foresee your problems and offer you solutions for them. He will explain the reasons why you should not cheat while doing yoga. The asanas or poses of Bikram yoga will be explained and made easy. Once you get the knack of doing Bikram yoga, you will be addicted to the program. It will make life easier for you.

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